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JULY 2014
Revolutionary Company Gives Underserved and Undertreated Populations Access to Mental and Quality of Life Services 24/7 From Comfort of Home


Los Angeles, CA: A ground breaking company relaunches it's website that provides underserved and undertreated populations such as the military, the elderly, the homebound, people on the go, and new mothers access to licensed and experienced specialists using the latest high definition video and audio conferencing technology 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 


To the relaunching of the site, Access to Therapy CEO Dr. Micheal Aharoni said, "Insert Quote".


The new site has expanded the populations serviced by adding communities such as 'Children and Adolescents' and 'Addiction'. Along with these additions, ATTN has also created a more interactive community for its users.


About Access to Therapy: Since the company was founded in 2009, Access to Therapy Network (ATTN), formally Military Care,  has provided mental health and quality of life services to people who, prior to the creation of ATTN, could not gain access to the mental health and quality of life services they deserved. 



Alexis Mora                                                                                                                              
Access To Therapy Network (ATTN)
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