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Access to Therapy Network (ATTN) is a dedicated group of licensed and experienced specialists – psychiatrists, psychologists, marriage/family therapists, social workers, counselors, and life coaches – who provide mental health and therapeutic services using the latest in high-definition video and audio conferencing technology. ATTN helps you remove barriers to personal health and success. Our goal is to restore you to balance and wellness, invigorate your life and relationships, and inspire you to accomplish your goals – all in an environment that adapts effortlessly to your personal lifestyle.


How ATTN's network of mental health professionals helps you:  


Wherever you are, we offer full mental health and quality of life services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week


Our services are confidential, convenient, comfortable, and easy to access.

We provide mental health services to everyone, including unserved and underserved populations who are homebound, residing in a remote rural community, stationed overseas, traveling out of town, or just more comfortable communicating privately via a computer or laptop.

Our Mission

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